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Previously on: Tumblr as a Coffee Shop AU: the shape of tumblr community; Tumblr 101: Setting Up Your Blog, Tumblr 101: Content, Tumblr 101: Communication

A collection of questions that have come up along the way and that go beyond the basics. These are not things you *need* to know in order to use and enjoy tumblr, but things people have asked about and that others may want to know. Plus an updated list of bloggers, reccers, authors, and artists to check out!

Q1. How do I create dialogue? )

Q2. How do I create community? )

Q3. What are networks, squads, and promos? )

Q4. What are mutuals? )

Q5. What is the etiquette for talking to new people? )

Q6. How do I find the OP for a post? (image heavy) )

Q7: How do I find the original posting date for a post? (image heavy) )

Q8. How do I read notes efficiently? (image heavy) )

Q9. When I like something, who gets the like? )

Q10. What is blacklisting and how does it work? (image heavy) )

Q11. How do I make a static web page? (image heavy) )

Q12. How do I make an automatically updating web page? (image heavy) )

Q13. How do I redirect to an external web page? (image heavy) )

Q14. Where do I go for help? (image heavy) )

And that brings us to the end of the series! If you've got more questions, you can ask them below!

Lastly, as promised, an updated list of blogs to check out, including HP and H/D bloggers, authors, artists, and recs, and blogs of general interest. If you've gotten a tumblr and you're not on the list, please let me know about it in the comments and I'll add you!!  The list is on tumblr because omg coding and also because hey, you're ready to use tumblr now! Here it is! Go check it out!!

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Previously on: Tumblr as a Coffee Shop AU: the shape of tumblr community; Tumblr 101: Setting Up Your Blog, Tumblr 101: Content

You've got a tumblr, you're following some people and looking at things. How do you talk to other people?

Q1) How can I communicate through tumblr? (image heavy) )

Q2) How does tagging work? )

Q3) What are some tumblr community norms? )

Next on: one last post! Tumblr 102: answers to more specific questions, and an updated list of blogs to check out.

Please comment below if you have more questions about tumblr, and please let me know if you have a tumblr (or tumblrs) you'd like people to know about!
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Previously on: Tumblr as a Coffee Shop AU: the shape of tumblr community; Tumblr 101: Setting Up Your Blog

Okay, so you’ve got a tumblr, you’re all logged in, ready to go. You need stuff to look at!

Tumblr content is pretty different from livejournal or AO3 or ff.net or youtube content. There are many more kinds of it, which use different skill sets. Some of those may be unfamiliar and therefore seem invisible (often the case with gifmakers), but still are the product of fannish passion and vision - just in many different forms.

In that sense, tumblr is a much more accessible, democratic platform. Fans don't need to have the time, tools, training, experience, education, or English-language fluency it takes to make traditional fan art or to write traditional fic or meta. That means that many more voices can participate.

Speaking of, content on tumblr is part of the conversation. When someone makes a Draco Malfoy aesthetic post or casts Harry Potter as desi, they're saying "this is how I see this world," and you can like or reblog to show that you agree or approve or want more people to see that conception of the HP 'verse. (or that you think it's really pretty and a job well done.) When you reblog something you're helping to curate your followers' experience of fandom - what the HP world looks like to them, what ideas they might consider, what ideas might inform their views of characters/ships/events.

So - what is it all, and how do you find it?

Q1. What types of content will I find on tumblr? )

Q2. How do I find content? )

Q3-4. How do I find blogs and decide who to follow? )

Q5-6. Anything I should know about posting or reblogging? (image-heavy) )

Next on: communicating via tumblr, what's up with tumblr tags, tumblr community norms

As always, questions welcome!
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Previously on: Tumblr as a Coffee Shop AU: the shape of tumbr community

This time: setting up your tumblr!! deciding whether you want a tumblr account, usernames, primary blogs vs sideblogs, themes, and settings.

This post gets into a lot of the nitty-gritty of how to fine-tune the look of your blog and your privacy and communication settings. If you're not interested in those details (which is fine - you don't need to understand it all to use tumblr) stick to questions 1-2 and 13-15, and come back next time for more about how to find the content you want and the blogs you want to follow.

1. Do I want a tumblr account? )

Q2-4. How do I pick and manage usernames? (image-heavy) )

Q5-8. What are primary blogs and sideblogs, and how are they different? )

Q9-11. How do I change and choose my tumblr's appearance? (image-heavy) )Q12. What settings should I be aware of? )

Q13-15. What are tumblr savior and xkit, and why do I want them? (image-heavy) )

As always, questions welcome!

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A caveat: this is almost certainly an imperfect metaphor. But while there is community on tumblr, it works differently than community on lj - more like building community in (an idealized version of) a coffee shop than (an idealized version of) a dinner party. And since community was at the top of so many lists, a bit of overview/context is likely useful before getting into the details.

1) Livejournal is a dinner party )

2-3) tumblr is a coffee shop )

4) Isn't everyone on tumblr super rude? Or: wank vs hate )

5-6) How/can you actually make friends on tumblr? )

Upcoming: how to set up and use tumblr, the content that's out there and how to find it, how to find blogs to follow, how different interactive tools are used, tumblr norms, how to create dialog, and reblogging as fandom participation. Also happy to take more questions!
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[livejournal.com profile] leviosa2016 has been a blast!! So many thought-provoking panels, and so many amazing, fantastic, phenomenal, creative, excited, exciting fellow fans!!

One theme that's come up, particularly in yesterday's H/D Panel (which...still fangirling a little, ngl) but elsewhere as well is the continuing divide between tumblr and lj. As it happens, and as some of you may already know, I'm a bit of a tumblr enthusiast, and I've volunteered to put together a "tumblr 101" post (perhaps a bit like this but in reverse) for the great many people who are interested in exploring that side of fandom but are put off by the mysteries of how tumblr works.

While I think I got a sense for what people might find helpful, I'd like to put out general questions to anyone who thought of something post-panel or heard tumblr discussed elsewhere and open it to everyone who wasn't at Leviosa.

What would you like to know about how to use tumblr? What sorts of content do you want to find? (Fan art? Fic? Fic recs? Headcanon posts? Aesthetics? Meta? Gifs and gifets? fancasts?) What sorts of interactions would you like to have? Are there particular things you find confusing about the interface, community norms, anything at all?

It'll probably take about a week (thanks, work) to get the post up, and I suspect we may need more than one (which is fine!!! I am so, so, so, so excited about more people finding new fannish content and maaaaaybe hopefully becoming more active!!! Three exclamation points doesn't really cover it!!!) but please, ask away, and I'll see what I can do!

Also, to follow up on a few things mentioned over the course of the weekend, links to: my masterlist of recs (also available, though less organized, on tumblr), daily h/d quotes (which are also recs), my (more recent) salty tumblr rants, tumblr posts about representation, tumblr posts about queerness in the HP canon, the recent discussion about the term "genderbend," and my ask box for anyone who's got questions and wants to ask them on tumblr.

More soon! And please, ask away!


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