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trying a thing where I crosspost meta from tumblr to LJ! also stil working on tumblr posts I promise!

So I was thinking about writing some femmeslash, yeah? Working on it, actually. In part because, did you know, in the entire universe of AO3 there are four fics where Angelina Johnson is in any sort of sapphic relationship? And one of them involves a foursome with the Weasley twins. And I like Angelina a lot, and dislike that state of affairs. And then was thinking about the existence of the femmeslash and ageism panel at Leviosa and thought maybe I'd write a different pairing, with adult women.

I couldn't think of any.

I asked about it on tumblr, and got a few suggestions: Angelina Johnson, Parvati and Padma Patil, Cho Chang, Hermione, the mothers of Blaise, Cho, Parvati, and Dean. But.

I am not convinced. )

Is that representation? Can we say there are adult WOC in the Harry Potter series if their race is never confirmed (in a series where whiteness and humanness are not written in but everything else is) and/or they never appear on the page? Is there (maybe, hopefully) anyone I'm fogetting? Or is the HP series actually completely missing confirmed, speaking, adult WOC?
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Still recovering from Leviosa and may not be back at total and complete coherence, but also don't want to forget anything!! It was a fantastic time, and incredible to be so deeply immersed in HP and H/D and fandom and surrounded by people who get fandom.

Highlights under the cut! )

Now winding down and trying to readjust to life in the 'real' world (pshaw). Loving the term condrop (and who else would have thought of that? love fandom. love it.) but not so much the experience! I had grand aspirations for work today and then didn't put on real pants until it was time to go get dinner. New plans for the remainder of the day include a cupcake, possibly a movie, and working on that tumblr post. But for all that I'm knackered and missing the experience, it was absolutely worth it and I'm feeling so much love and appreciation for all of you who made it what it was, and for all of you who weren't there but make this community what it is.

Speaking of that tumblr post if there are things you'd like to know about tumblr, please weigh in here or in the comments below! And if you want to start exploring, I've got a list of blogs going here! And if you're an H/D or HP tumblr user and/or and H/D author or artist, please let me know so I can add you to the list!

tl;dr: It was a great experience, and something I'd love to do again one of these days - hopefully with more of you there!
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[livejournal.com profile] leviosa2016 has been a blast!! So many thought-provoking panels, and so many amazing, fantastic, phenomenal, creative, excited, exciting fellow fans!!

One theme that's come up, particularly in yesterday's H/D Panel (which...still fangirling a little, ngl) but elsewhere as well is the continuing divide between tumblr and lj. As it happens, and as some of you may already know, I'm a bit of a tumblr enthusiast, and I've volunteered to put together a "tumblr 101" post (perhaps a bit like this but in reverse) for the great many people who are interested in exploring that side of fandom but are put off by the mysteries of how tumblr works.

While I think I got a sense for what people might find helpful, I'd like to put out general questions to anyone who thought of something post-panel or heard tumblr discussed elsewhere and open it to everyone who wasn't at Leviosa.

What would you like to know about how to use tumblr? What sorts of content do you want to find? (Fan art? Fic? Fic recs? Headcanon posts? Aesthetics? Meta? Gifs and gifets? fancasts?) What sorts of interactions would you like to have? Are there particular things you find confusing about the interface, community norms, anything at all?

It'll probably take about a week (thanks, work) to get the post up, and I suspect we may need more than one (which is fine!!! I am so, so, so, so excited about more people finding new fannish content and maaaaaybe hopefully becoming more active!!! Three exclamation points doesn't really cover it!!!) but please, ask away, and I'll see what I can do!

Also, to follow up on a few things mentioned over the course of the weekend, links to: my masterlist of recs (also available, though less organized, on tumblr), daily h/d quotes (which are also recs), my (more recent) salty tumblr rants, tumblr posts about representation, tumblr posts about queerness in the HP canon, the recent discussion about the term "genderbend," and my ask box for anyone who's got questions and wants to ask them on tumblr.

More soon! And please, ask away!
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Sooooo, the lovely gracerene and I have been talking about going to Leviosa and, long story short, we're gonna do it.

Aside: I am so freaking excited!!! It's now my dissertation completion present to myself (/sort of incentive, but mostly present) and being in the midst of that much HP and that many people who are into fandom and take it seriously, and take writing seriously, sounds pretty fucking divine. And looking at the programming list made me a little drooly. And I've never been to Vegas, which would not be a lure on its own but is intriguing. And I've never been to a Con which would be a lure of its own. And I want to meet all of you who will be there and go to panels and, like, seriously, if I think that much more about actually going I get all jumpy and excited. But I am decided! And going!

Which brings me to a question for all of you. gracerene and I are debating which type of registration to get, because we are both definitely interested in some of the events that would be add-ons to a standard registration but included in the VIP registration. But a lot of the reason for going is to meet and spend time with all of you amazing people, so my gung-ho-ness is a little contingent. Like, the Cocktail Reception sounds amazing - special guests + tons of hp fans + flist + open bar? - but it looks like it might be at the same time as the Slash Track 18+ night, which also sounds amaing, and if ppl are all about Slash Night and/or are like "eh, I don't really drink/I will be in my room with a bottle of wine," less so. Ditto the leaving feast - sounds potentially very fun but if a lot of folks are leaving early on Sunday and/or planning to go to brunch with friends/sleep in/whatever, it's less urgently compelling, or compelling for different reasons!

So, questions!

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