Aug. 18th, 2016

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Previously on: Tumblr as a Coffee Shop AU: the shape of tumblr community; Tumblr 101: Setting Up Your Blog, Tumblr 101: Content, Tumblr 101: Communication

A collection of questions that have come up along the way and that go beyond the basics. These are not things you *need* to know in order to use and enjoy tumblr, but things people have asked about and that others may want to know. Plus an updated list of bloggers, reccers, authors, and artists to check out!

Q1. How do I create dialogue? )

Q2. How do I create community? )

Q3. What are networks, squads, and promos? )

Q4. What are mutuals? )

Q5. What is the etiquette for talking to new people? )

Q6. How do I find the OP for a post? (image heavy) )

Q7: How do I find the original posting date for a post? (image heavy) )

Q8. How do I read notes efficiently? (image heavy) )

Q9. When I like something, who gets the like? )

Q10. What is blacklisting and how does it work? (image heavy) )

Q11. How do I make a static web page? (image heavy) )

Q12. How do I make an automatically updating web page? (image heavy) )

Q13. How do I redirect to an external web page? (image heavy) )

Q14. Where do I go for help? (image heavy) )

And that brings us to the end of the series! If you've got more questions, you can ask them below!

Lastly, as promised, an updated list of blogs to check out, including HP and H/D bloggers, authors, artists, and recs, and blogs of general interest. If you've gotten a tumblr and you're not on the list, please let me know about it in the comments and I'll add you!!  The list is on tumblr because omg coding and also because hey, you're ready to use tumblr now! Here it is! Go check it out!!


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